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Travel Fees

Vail: $10
Sahaurita: $10
Catalina: $10
Saddlebrooke: $10
Tucson west of Mission: $15
Tucson west of Ryan Field: $20
Marana – Avra Valley Rd area: $20
Green Valley: $20
Tubac: $30
Other – call for a quote



Audio MOSTour

Tour Samples

Hundreds of local real estate agents have praised our MOSTour photography service as being the best marketing tool in the real estate industry! NO more long load times, NO more clicking on individual rooms, NO more dizziness from the “fish eye” effect. Our MOSTours load in seconds and offer a high-quality, video feel with crystal clear images.

All of our MOSTours contain these features:
• Large-format and full-screen viewing options
• Choice of music beds or optional professional scripting and narration
• Link to both a Branded and Non- Branded (IDX-Compliant) version of the tour
• Customizable flyers – arrange photos, choose backgrounds, tailor information
• Free Gallery photos – 4 with the basic MOSTour, 6 with the narrated MOSTour
• Downloadable still photos – high-res or low-res… you select the size!
• Download the virtual tour to your computer or burn to a keepsake CD.
• Submission to multiple real estate search websites (10 are free!)
• Traffic statistics (shows how many times the tour was viewed and lead source)
• Map, School Info, & much more

When camera motion is added over high-quality images, the result is an impressive streaming video home show with all of the features you have come to expect from us. With our MOSTour either you select the music, or ask our professional writers and narrators to provide a persuasive audio track to accompany your video. See our sample MOSTours. These were all taken in the Tucson area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I post the virtual tour to my MLS listing?

Here are basic instructions:
1. Locate and open the “Virtual Tour Order Completion Notification” email. If you can’t find it, check your Spam folder or call us to request another copy be sent.
2. Under TOUR MANAGEMENT CENTER in the email, click the link or copy and paste it into your web browser to open the web page.
3. In the Tour Management Center web page, find the IDX Tour Link. Copy that URL and paste it into the Virtual Media section of the property listing information in MLS. Click Save.
4. Check the tour by clicking the View Virtual Tour box.

Q2. How do I download still photos from your system?

Here is how to access and download our still photos:
1. Locate and open the “Virtual Tour Order Completion Notification” email. If you can’t find it, check your Spam folder. If you still can find it, call and we’ll resend it.
2. Open the email and scroll down to the TOUR MANAGEMENT CENTER section. Click on the link (if it doesn’t work, copy and paste the link into your web browser to open the web page).
3. Within the TOUR MANAGEMENT CENTER web page, under Tour Tools, click on the selection for “DOWNLOAD STILL IMAGES”. A new web page will open.
4. In the DOWNLOAD STILL IMAGES web page, if you only want a couple photos, skip to step 5. Otherwise, if you want all High-Res photos (all photos in the largest possible size), click on “Download High-Resolution Zip File”. If you want MLS photos, click on “Download Low-Resolution Zip File” (all photos in the smallest size). Skip step 5.
5. Optionally, if you are looking only for one (or a few) image(s), select a size in the Image Save Resolution dropdown list, then click the ‘save’ icon on each individual photo and save them to a folder on your computer that you can easily find again.
6. As always, if you get stuck, call our office for assistance.

Another way to download still photos, is to get them from www.imagemaker360.com

Under “Real Estate Virtual Tours”, click on “Download Still Shots”
When it prompts for “Order ID” enter your 5 digit order number (from your order emails)
Then click on “Download High-Resolution Zip File”

Q3. Where is your business located?

Answer: Our business office is in Ohio. The photographers and floor plan technicians are local to the Tucson area.

Q4. What real estate search-engine websites will you submit my tour to?

Answer: All tours are hosted and viewable on Imagemaker360.com. We submit all virtual tour links to: HomeSeekers, Homes.com, Trulia, Google Base, Lycos, Zillow, Vast, Hotpads, PropSmart and OpenHouse for free. REALTOR.com requires a small fee. For your virtual tour and listing to appear on some of these websites (such as Homes.com), you must arrange a membership directly with them.

Q5. How do I pay for my virtual tour?

Answer: We prefer that customers keep an active credit on file with us or provide payment at the time and place of service. If you prefer to be invoiced and mail a check later, we allow a 10 business-day period for your check to arrive, after which we will charge the credit card we have on file. All invoices are sent via email. If you prefer to receive your invoice by fax or postal mail, please let us know.

Q6. Do you charge extra for travel?

Answer: We charge extra for only for extensive travel, but not for local area locations. Refer to the Prices page of this website or call our office for specifics.

Q7. Why can’t I submit my virtual tour to REALTOR.com myself?

Answer: REALTOR.com has a policy that requires virtual tours be submitted only through an authorized virtual tour provider. We have that authorization.

Q8. How long will the tour remain active?

Answer: Your virtual tour is hosted 24/7 for one full year. A couple weeks before expiration, you will receive an email advising you of the upcoming expiration. Contact our office if you wish to renew. There is a $20 annual renewal fee.

Note – whenever you sell your listing or it expires, please send us a note to inactivate the tour. Otherwise, it will remain visible on many websites. Some states are making it illegal to advertise a property that is no longer for sale.

Q9. I have a new listing. Can we get the virtual tour done before I list on MLS?

Answer: Yes. We suggest arranging an appointment for several days prior to your listing being active. Then, let us know the MLS number when active. We’ll update the tour details to match MLS for flyer printing purposes.

Q10. After the photo session, how long does it take before my virtual tour is ready?

Answer: In most cases, the video portion of your virtual tour will be ready within 1 or 2 business days of the photo session.
Interactive floor plans and narration will take a little longer to appear on the tour. In the meantime, it is ok to link the video tour to MLS.

Q11. Do I have to meet the photographer at the property or does the seller have to be there for the photo session?

Answer: Someone must be there to let the photographer in unless there is a contractor lockbox on the property (and you gave us the combination). A personal meeting gives us a face-to-face opportunity to get to know you better. It helps you to see how the process works, and for us to learn your preferences. Plus, it only takes 20-30 minutes.
If you choose to not be present at the photo shoot, all decisions are left up to the photographer. Should you request a reshoot, for any reason other than an error on our part, there will be an additional charge.

Q12. Are flyers available with your service?

Answer: A flyer can be printed by anyone viewing our virtual tours. You have the ability to customize the flyer by selecting and arranging the various still photos, changing text and information, or selecting colors and backgrounds. There is no additional charge for this service. You can save the flyer to your computer in a PDF format. That way, you can print copies yourself, or bring the PDF image to a printer to have copies made for handouts.

If you wish to have us print flyers for you, we also can provide that service. See our “Prices” webpage for more details.

Q13. Can I use your photos for MLS or for print advertising?

Answer: Yes. You will be able to download our still photos in sizes anywhere from high-resolution to smaller sizes suitable for MLS. This capability is included with every tour at no extra cost.

Q14. How long does it take to complete your work at the property location?

Answer: Photography for most residential real estate properties can be completed in 20-30 minutes. Large and commercial properties may take a little longer.
Dawn/Dusk photo sessions begin 1 hour before sunset and generally take 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.

Floor plan / photo sessions generally take 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Q15. Is it possible for photos taken by someone else to be put into the virtual tour?

Answer: In many cases yes. As long as they are of sufficient size and quality, we can include them with our photos or create a complete MOSTours using photos taken by other photographers. In many cases, a discount will be provided.  Call our office with questions or to make arrangements.

Q16. I have a very busy schedule. What do you provide in the way of full-service?

Answer: We can do it all for you. You never have to lift a camera, mess with photos or links in MLS or write a check. A simple phone call or email will get the job started and completed smoothly and quickly. We can arrange appointments directly with your client, if you wish.

Q17. Are virtual tour viewing statistics available?

Answer: Yes. You can see not only where your virtual tour views and leads are coming from, but also which rooms and scenes from within the tours are being viewed the most. These statistics can be accessed via the Tour Management Center, or directly from the virtual tour itself. Try it! Open any of our virtual tours and click on the ‘period’ at the very bottom of the screen (to the right of the word Provider).

Q18. I prefer to be hands-on. Will I be able to direct the photography?

Answer: Absolutely! We prefer and welcome your input and direction during the photo session.

Q19. What rooms and areas will you photograph?

Answer: We photograph the main areas both inside and outside the home (including front yard and back yard). Please point out specific views, special features, community activity areas, etc. Unless we are photographing a small property (like a condo for example), we usually do not photograph laundry rooms, garages, shops, storage rooms, small bathrooms and small bedrooms. If there are some special selling features in any of these areas, please point them out so we don’t miss anything important.

Q20. How far ahead should I call to set up an appointment?

Answer: The sooner you call, the better. That will allow us to hold a place for you on the calendar. We can usually set you up with an appointment within 1-2 business days of your call (sometimes the same day!).

Q21. I don’t see my virtual tour on one of the “free” websites. Can you fix that?

Answer: Please be patient about the virtual tours becoming active on these sites. They can sometimes take several days to appear. Please also be aware that these websites do not provide us with any type of customer support number (that’s why they’re free!). We have no way to troubleshoot and ensure you tour gets out there. You may try to reach them directly.

Additionally, some of these webistes require the agent set up a membership with them. It is the agent’s responsibility to make arrangements directly.

Q22. How should I instruct the client prepare their home for the virtual tour?

Answer: Preparations are similar to what you would do for an open house. Everything should be picked up and neat, both inside and outside the home. Park vehicles away from the home if possible. Make sure all lights and blinds are in working order and windows are clean. Please remove any pet-related items and keep pets out of the way during the photo session.

Q23. How do your services help me to sell properties and win new listings?

Answer: With so many homes on the market, the competition for finding a buyer is intense. As a real estate sales professional, you know that two things are key:
1. The property must be priced right for the market conditions
2. You must reach and attract the right buyer to the property

We can’t set the price, but we are experts in getting attractive media in front of buyers.

Fact 1: Now, over 90% of home buyers use the Internet in their search. Not only can we submit your virtual to several popular fee-for-service sites, like REALTOR.com, we publish all of our virtual tours to multiple Internet real estate search engines for free! We make it easy for buyers to find your listing and to find YOU!

Fact 2: Buyers seek pictures and information. Our attractive, professional photographs and feature-rich virtual tours quickly capture and hold the buyers’ attention. For buyer convenience, we embed property details in every tour. They can even print a flyer! More exposure = greater likelihood of reaching the right buyer. It’s as simple as that.

You improve your chances of winning more new listings by showing potential clients that you will aggressively promote their property on the Internet with professional-quality photos and a virtual tour. More and more sellers are expecting that.

Q24. How can I get my virtual tour onto YouTube?

Answer: First step is to order a video copy of your MOSTour. You can do this yourself (or shoot us a note) via the Tour Management Center. Click on Additional Features, then on the Video MOSTour button.
Next, upon request, we will post your video MOSTour to YouTube for you. You will be provided with the video files so you can post them to other video websites if you wish, or can burn the tour to DVD.

Additionally, you will receive an emailed copy of the video in a .wmv format. This video can be hosted on your personal website if you wish. Generally the file is available within 2-3 business days of your order being placed. See our “Prices” webpage for cost.

Q25. Can you provide references?

Answer: Yes. We would be happy to provide contacts for you. In many cases, we have worked with others in your office.

Q26. Do you do virtual tours for commercial properties and FSBOs?

Answer: Yes! However, pricing is different. Call us for more information.

Q27. How do I change price or update information that appears the tour or flyers?

Answer: All flyer customizing can be done from the same place:
1. Locate and open the “Virtual Tour Order Completion Notification” email. If you can’t find it, check your Spam folder.
2. Under TOUR MANAGEMENT CENTER in the email, click the link or copy and paste it into your web browser to open the web page.
3. In the Tour Management Center, under Tour Tools, click on Customize Online Fyler.
4. There you can do any number of things, but to change property information, click on Property Description.
5. After you have made your changes, be sure to click OK if you make photo selection or sequence changes. Then, scroll down and click one of the “Save this design…” buttons, otherwise your changes will not be saved.
If you cannot get it to work, call our office for assistance.

Q28. I have never worked with a virtual tour company before. Is it difficult?

Answer: We work with many agents on their first tour, and will be happy to explain everything you need to know. We are also available to assist by phone should you require any coaching in using our system or simply have a question.

Q29. Is there a way to easily manage all of my virtual tour information from one place?

Answer: Yes. Refer back to the Welcome email you received when you were set up in our system. If you can’t find it, contact our office and we’ll set you up with a user ID and password of your choosing.

It’s a good idea to make a note to yourself to update your virtual tour info whenever you change MLS info. It is not an automated function unfortunately.

Here’s how:
• Go into www.imagemaker360.com
• Click on the login button (near the top center)
• Enter the user name and password.
• Click on Manage Orders
• Set the radio button (on the left) to whichever tour you want to update and then click the View/Edit Details button above the list.
• Once you’re in the order, click Edit Virtual Tour Details to change the information
• Make your changes then click the Save button

You can change whatever information you want except make the tour inactive or extend the expiration date. We’ll have to do that. Also, if you want images replaced or removed, we will have to do that as well.